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Global Engagement

Global Engagement Texas A&M University Global Engagement
Published on 08/08/2023 09:49 AM

Texas A&M University is proud to announce the launch of the Texas A&M Global Tech Experience.

Beginning this Fall, Texas A&M’s Department of Global Engagement is proud to offer all undergraduate majors a unique opportunity to gain in-demand skills and real-world experience alongside peers from around the world.

Students who enroll in the Texas A&M Global Tech Experience will collaborate with peers from 50+ countries around the world to work on projects with iconic organizations like Intel, The Grammy’s and charity: water.

Global Engagement has been working on developing innovative options that provide students with the skills needed to succeed in the global workforce, without the requirement to travel.

"We are thrilled to offer The Global Tech Experience to the Texas A&M community," said Holly Hudson, Associate Vice President for Global Engagement at Texas A&M University. "This program will enable students to boost their resume by completing projects with global organizations."

The Texas A&M Global Tech Experience has four (4) innovative tracks that students can pursue -- earning a possible 3 credits in each track -- over the course of the Fall. Each track has zero prerequisites and is open to students from all majors and backgrounds.

In the program, students will:

  • Work in small groups with other students from 50+ different countries
  • Gain work experience by solving real-world problems for global organizations across a variety of industries
  • Build competency in the most in-demand industry tools like Tableau, Shopify and Python
  • Learn to critically reflect and apply new global concepts through workplace simulations and training from the United Nations.
Enrollment is now open for Fall. Learn more about these programs on the Texas A&M Global Tech Experience website and get ready to jumpstart your career with a global impact!